This part could be about SDG’s and how sustainability and design for environment are paramount and necessary to save the planet. We could also remind you how bad things are and how we are killing our planet one kilo of CO2 at a time. But we won’t. We are going to assume here that we are all pretty much on the same page – things need to change if we want to sustain our future. Many believe that in order to have a shot at managing our impact on the planet, managing resources in a circular way is one of the best tools. In fancy terms this is called Circular Economy and in short it’s all about making sure that resources have a value for as long as possible.


We imagine that you are a company, probably a production company, with a healthy turnover of resources. To put it perfectly straight, we want to help production companies by facilitating trade of resources. You could be a company with an overflow of resources from your production or you could be a company that want to use recycled materials to make your fantastic products. We like you either way and would like to help you reach your goals. We could call it waste management, but since the goal is to eliminate the term waste in the long run, we like to call it exchanging resources.


Our dream is to build a fancy matchmaking platform fuelled by the mighty internet - think Airbnb for adventurous resources that want to get most out of their life. When fully up and running the platform will make your life easier and more profitable and help the environment all at the same time. But... yes there is a but, before getting there, we need to fully understand your world, what troubles you and how you are currently doing business.

Should you be in a position where you have abundance of some sort of production resource (some would call it waste from production) then we would like to get in touch and do what we can to find someone out there, preferably another company, that can make use of your leftovers. As a result we aim to help you reduce your current waste related expenses and if everything goes well maybe even make you a profit from your waste.

Likewise, if you are a company passionate about making use of recycled resources in your products, we need you. Maybe you have given it a thought, maybe you have already tried it, or maybe you have no clue where to even start. Either way we want to understand how we can help you and with time save you money and time by sourcing quality recycled resources for you.